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Pinebush Dental Office would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our patients for allowing us to provide you consistent, comprehensive and individualized care.

We are committed to providing customized treatment plans that best suit your needs while striving to represent the cutting edge of dentistry.

We have also collectively dedicated ourselves to ensuring that each visit to our Pinebush Dental Office Dental Office will be an enjoyable experience filled with encouraging attitudes, comfort and familiarity.

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Cambridge, Ontario. N1R7H8
Phone: 519-740-3884

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We were two of those people in a prcaireous situation. After rearing our four children and putting them through college (excellent US universities too) we faced a rather fearful time. My husband's business hit the skids in the recession due to circumstances beyond our control. We were living off savings and trying to keep up with our mortgage. I was a cancer survivor, and we had just paid off $36,000 in medical bills (this was WITH health insurance!) Finally, we lost EVERYTHING before he could find employment again in his field. (We are both college educated with advanced degrees too.) And believe me, it is brutal out there looking for work in a certain older age group! We have stabilized now but have greatly downsized our lifestyle (which we actually love), but I have nothing but total sympathy for those who find themselves unemployed or underemployed. It is very difficult to jump start oneself without resources, education, help from family etc. It is very, very hard for poor families to break the chain.The world is a very different place from 40 years ago. It takes a great deal of income for housing and food, which take a more substantial part of income, as you well know. The middle class is disappearing as they slip further down the financial pecking order. Unfortunately, I see a certain callousness on the part of those who have not experienced this. How often did we hear, Well, just get a job at Home Depot. Well, even Home Depot was not hiring, and how would that really solve the problem of a living wage? People do not actually realize what a thin line there is between them and financial catastrophe! It only takes a serious injury or illness on the part of the breadwinner to send a family in a tailspin.If it wasn't for my abiding faith in God and His word, my absolute belief in His plan for our lives, I do not think I could have rebounded as I did! by Yusuf posted on Wednesday, September 02, 2015 from reff# 3785
I told my grdanmother how you helped. She said, "bake them a cake!" by Alyn posted on Thursday, July 21, 2016 from reff# 4036

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