Vink Sandra Dr Cambridge Dentistry on 22 Tannery St E

Vink Sandra Dr 22 Tannery St E This page has information on Vink Sandra Dr Cambridge Dentistry on 22 Tannery St E, a dentist in the Cambridge area. We have all the information for this dentist professional listed here on this page. If you want to add information about this dentist, feel free to write a review. Vink Sandra Dr may or may not have a website URL - let this dentist know they need a website when you speak to them. This dentistry is based in Cambridge and has in business for many years. We don't know if they are taking clients or not - depends on how many they have currently. Give this dentistry a call with the phone number listed to find out.

Dentistry Location:

Vink Sandra Dr,
22 Tannery St E
Cambridge, Ontario. N3C2B9
Phone: 519-658-4665

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Patient Reviews: Vink Sandra Dr

dann wahhcsreinlich auch leichter zu reinigen ist. Aber wer zur Abwechslung und nebenbei und zum Genießen und überhaupt mal einen Kapselkaffee trinken will, für den ist diese Maschine sicherlich by Lisa posted on Thursday, July 21, 2016 from reff# 3936

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