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At the Tomson D Dr dental office, we offer a vast variety of dental services and procedures. We offer family and cosmetic dentistry. We also offer endodontics (root canals), oral surgery (extractions), tooth bleaching and crown and bridge and veneers. Your smile and appearance are important to us, and we will try to help you get the smile which you wish to have. We use composite resins (white fillings) almost exclusively so that no one is aware that you have had fillings.

At Tomson D Dr Dental Office, you're important to us. Knowing each individual well helps us develop a personal, customized treatment plan for each member of your family. We take time to talk and answer questions. We explain procedures, what they will do for your smile and how much it will cost. We take the time to be gentle. Our friendly staff and relaxing environment will put you at ease. New Patients are Welcome

Dentistry Location:

Tomson D Dr,
1-370 Eastbridge
Kitchener, Ontario. N2K4P1
Phone: 519-746-3435

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Having Veneers is really good than other trtemaents with a good team cosmetic dentist and their proper procedures and steps to provide their customers the best and good result of smile. They have the same treatment and procedure just like my brothers dentist here in´╗┐ California, LA. If you are in California, LA area this is my dentist website at valleycosmeticdentist by Ingrid posted on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 from reff# 153
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do not cry for the dead, cry for the livgin. This is soooo very true, since Jessica is now in a far much better place than we. She will watch over you along with our Lord Jesus Christ. God be with you and yours. Val Miller by Suzyn posted on Thursday, July 21, 2016 from reff# 3968

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