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Shamji Yasmin Dr Conestoga Mall This page has information on Shamji Yasmin Dr, a dentist in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. We have all the information for this dentist professional listed here on this page. If you want to add information about this dentist, feel free to write a review. Shamji Yasmin Dr may or may not have a website URL - let this dentist know they need a website when you speak to them. This dentistry is based in Kitchener Waterloo and has in business for many years. We don't know if they are taking clients or not - depends on how many they have currently. Give this dentistry a call with the phone number listed to find out.

Dentistry Location:

Shamji Yasmin Dr,
Conestoga Mall
Waterloo, Ontario. N2L5W6
Phone: 519-746-4000

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